We are passionate about helping companies like yours make new, enhanced, and differentiated therapeutic products into clinical realities.


By assessing the scientific, medical, regulatory, and commercial viability of product development opportunities, Praxis Scientific can help you systematically build and execute complete development plans that align with YOUR business strategy while ensuring FDA/EMEA buy-in at every step of the way.

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Early stage biopharma companies are the idea factories with novel, often game changing platforms. We understand that your success depends on the value you create for a licensing or acquisition partner. Early in development, our Team will work with you to understand your exit strategy and help you maximize your value by achieving risk mitigating milestones. We understand the importance of de-risking products with thorough early development, establishing solid safety profiles, and demonstrating efficacy.

Our job is to maximize your value and minimize your risk profile for your partners who are looking to bring the resources your product needs to make it a commercial success.


While Integrated Knowledge can solve problems, the value of experience is perspective. We have “been there and done that.” We think strategically to avoid issues early in development, we anticipate what Regulators may have on their minds and plan ahead to make sure that the answers are there before the questions are asked. We know the industry, watch the trends, and keep each other informed – allowing US to keep You informed. This kind of perspective comes from working with a group of very seasoned professionals.


“Everyone is Always Smarter Than Anyone.” We thrive on Idea Synergy. As scientists, what we learn from you helps us think about what we know in ways that create new strategies for clinical and regulatory development. Through our network of experts we call on each other to hear other approaches, late breaking information, and successful strategies for solving problems, saving resources, or getting an introduction to Key Opinion Leaders.

Knowledge integration can happen whenever a group of smart people talk to each other about a common problem. We want to share this dialogue with you.


Our experts are here to complement your in-house team. We are there for the long haul, working with you through every step of development from Scientific Proof of Concept through NDA approval. We are with you to assess suitability of vendors, help represent you at meetings with Regulatory Authorities, and can reach back into our organization as your needs change. Your science becomes our science, our strategy becomes your strategy. Your success is our mission.

You developed the Good Idea. We become a part of the team that makes it a Clinical Reality.